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From our beginnings in 1946, Hartley Oil Company, Inc. has always been and continues to be a service-driven and a “We Can Do That” company.  Located in Ravenswood, WV, right on the Ohio River, we are within 50 miles of two major airports, are rail served with privately owned rail siding, in the center of the nation’s commercial and industrial centers, and the majority of the U.S. population is within a 500 mile radius.  Our location, and our unique blend of divisions and services, makes us a company that ‘can-do’ what our customers need, want, and require.  When Glen Hartley, our founder, started Hartley Oil, he believed that the “Sun Never Sets on an Order.”  The employees and management strive to conduct business using this belief as our foundation, and a focus on safety, quality, and the environment.  By providing before and after sale support and service, Hartley Oil wants to make the customer’s job — your job — easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective with unmatched customer service. 

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Rodd C. Hartley

Celebrating 75 years in business

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