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Who We Are


  • Hartley Oil was founded in 1946 by Glen ‘Sub’ Hartley.  Sub started the business with a gas station and a Quaker State distributorship – hence our name - Hartley Oil Company, Inc.  Today, the Quaker State portion of our business has long concluded and we don’t have anything to do with the ‘oil business’; however, through the years of conducting business, our reputation and customers know us as Hartley Oil.  Hartley Oil currently remains a family-owned business in its 3rd generation.


  • What we do today, Distribution, Handling, Warehousing, Packaging, Repackaging, Product Sales, and Specialty Services all have roots in the beginning of our company.


  • With our location in Ravenswood, WV, Hartley Oil;

–Sits on the Ohio River

–Is within 500 miles of the majority of the U.S. population

–Has rail service, with over 4,200 feet of privately owned rail

–Is located on I77 and US Route 33



  • Today, Hartley Oil still focuses on the core services and beliefs that founded this company.  We are constantly evolving to stay current with our customer’s needs and looking for opportunities around every corner.


  • Although change, evolution, and adaptation are necessary to remain competitive and to stay in business, we remain true to what has made us the company we are today and will continue to be in the future.  Each ‘generation’ of Hartley Oil has had a general ‘philosophy’ that defines us and supports our Mission Statement.

–1st Generation – “The Sun Never Sets on a Sale”, Sub Hartley

–2nd Generation – “We Can Do That Company”, Bo Hartley

–3rd Generation – “Solutions Provider”, Rodd Hartley


  • At our core, we want to provide unsurpassed services/products/solutions with unmatched customer service.  As it has been since 1946, Hartley Oil is its passionate and dedicated employees – we are all the Hartley Family.


  • Provide unsurpassed services and service to our customers, consisting of and based upon: safety, quality, honesty, hard work, dedication, loyalty, and teamwork.

  • Remain Profitable in order to enjoy continued growth, employment opportunities/improvement, and job security.

  • Uphold and maintain a reputation as being a Solutions Provider with a ‘We-Can-Do-That’ attitude, honest, ethical, and responsible company, both corporately and personally.

  • Continually explore, develop, and implement new business opportunities and avenues.

12-19-2022 #2687a - Rodd.jpeg

Rodd C. Hartley

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